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Fitbit Alta – A Compelling Review

In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to track and document your progress and workouts. Get a Fitbit Alta at NO COST by simply entering your email here.  Fitbit catapulted its products into the A-list with the release of the Fitbit Alta. The Alta is not just a fitness tracker. It is also a wristwatch and a bracelet you can wear to the office or a party, or anywhere you like. Besides featuring the standard functions of a fitness tracker, its slim design makes it …

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Build big, muscular arms

3 Things You Need to Consider If You Want Big, Muscular Arms

These concepts are simple. But the fact is, if you want to build more muscle in less time you need to train at a hardcore bodybuilding gym. Click here and receive your own Gold’s Gym membership.  These three considerations will help you design an arm building program that will make the muscles of your biceps and triceps bigger and more muscular and help you bust through your plateau of stalled muscle growth. The end  result will be building big, muscular arms. 1. The Triceps Are a Larger Muscle Group Than the …

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build huge traps

Build Big Traps With These 15 Exercises

Without fail, this specially designed trap bar delivers the fastest, most impressive results in your tireless efforts to build big traps. Get this trap bar now and literally watch your traps explode almost overnight.  These 15 exercises should be used to build mind-blowing traps that will turn heads and make you look like a monster in the gym and on the street. The purpose of this article is to identify the best exercises to build big traps rather than explain how each movement is performed. More extensive research should be …

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How to Make Your Biceps Look Bigger: Arm Blaster Review

The Arm Blaster is so excruciatingly effective at building full, large biceps that Arnold Schwarzenegger used the device to make his entire upper arms look bigger. “What you focus on grows” is a popular inspirational quote that is repeated in business seminars, sales meetings and self-help groups.  This statement can be applied to bodybuilding, specifically building big biceps. Making the biceps look bigger is not just a matter of creating an optical illusion by getting a tan, shaving your arms or getting a tight haircut; it’s about actually making them bigger.  Logic would dictate that all …

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Giant Forearms

The Secret Weapon to Build Huge Forearms Fast: People Will Notice

The Wrist Leverage Bar is absolutely the best, most affordable piece of equipment to build huge forearms fast with ease and convenience.  In the paragraphs below I’ll give a review of a massive forearm builder: The Wrist Leverage Bar. Build Huge Forearms Fast With The Wrist Leverage Bar The wrist leverage bar is designed to target and isolate the muscles of the forearms and build huge forearms fast.  The device exploits an uncommon mechanical disadvantage by forcing the largest, most growth-prone muscle fibers of the forearms to work and grow.  The result is rapid development …

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The Top Three Reasons You Should Be Doing Zercher Squats

The benefits associated with performing Zercher squats on a regular basis include developing overall strength and muscle mass.  As I explained in the article: Zercher Squats for Explosive Power and Muscular Development, the Zercher squat is among the most effective variations of squats for those who wish to build mind-blowing muscle mass and incredible explosive strength. Zercher squats are performed simply by placing a barbell in the crooks of your elbows, holding the bar tight against your upper body and performing a full squatting movement.  It is important to keep the upper body …

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The Key to Building Big Forearms

Building big forearms can be challenging, if not downright difficult, for many bodybuilders and athletes.  Performing the most common exercises to build big forearms often doesn’t result in noticeable muscle gains.  The problem is that these exercises don’t place enough stress on the individual muscles of the forearms to make them grow. Having huge, muscular, well-developed forearms makes a person look strong and well-built.  The forearms are one of the most visible muscle groups and can be seen by everyone who looks at you.  If you have small, weak looking forearms, odds are that …

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I’ve Saved a Ton of Money, Time and Energy By Building a Home Gym

Being an enthusiast of all things muscle, one of the most frequent topics of conversation among my friends and coworkers is lifting.  Those who know me best are aware of the gym that I built in my home’s two car garage several years ago.  I am frequently asked if the monetary investment was worth it, if I work out as often as I had originally intended and if I am able to get as good a workout with my home gym equipment as I had in a commercial gym.  Below I will discuss …

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Add 10 Pounds to Your Bench Press in One Month Using One Easy Trick

Here is the key to adding 10 lbs. to your bench press in 30 days. This article offers one easy tip that can help you add 10 lbs. to your bench press in one month.  There is no complicated workout program to follow, no supplement to take and no strict diet to adhere to.  In fact, even if your workout program is crappy and you do everything wrong, this one simple tip may be what you’re looking for to bust through your plateau. Don’t get me wrong.  The best way to increase your performance …

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