Better Than Steroids: Bodybuilding Book Review

Like most other muscle enthusiasts, I am on a never-ending quest for knowledge that will help me take my physique to the next level.  Over the years that has included devouring the content printed on the glossy pages of all the big time muscle magazines (Of course I didn’t literally devour the pages – they didn’t contain enough protein). I’ve read dozens, maybe hundreds, of texts relating to anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, exercise science and sports nutrition.  As a certified personal trainer I attended hours upon hours of training and continuing education classes. …

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Ectomorph muscle building program

Shatter Your Bodybuilding Training Plateau Now With These Three Tips

These concepts are simple. But the fact is, if you want to build more muscle and burn more fat in less time you need to use muscle building and fat loss supplements. Shop here and get free shipping on your $25 supplement order. That’s a steal! The supplements highly recommended in this article for recovery and shattering your bodybuilding plateau for dramatic, noticeable gains in muscle size and strength are: Creatine Monohydrate – (Essential) Glutamine – (The Secret Weapon) Most muscle enthusiasts who engage in intense, regular workouts sometimes become …

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Use Steroids? Reviewing Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anyone who is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger the bodybuilder, actor, politician and family man needs to include the book Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story in their personal library. As a muscle enthusiast and competitive power lifter, I have always followed the bodybuilding, movie and political career of the “Austrian Oak” Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In the paragraphs below, I will provide my commentary on the bodybuilding portion of Arnold’s life as he described it in his autobiography that was released in 2012. From the perspective of genetics, stage presence and overall physique …

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The Anabolic Evolution of Modern Bodybuilding: By Mario Strong

Today, drugs in some professional sports have become mainstream. The hypocrisy of Major League Baseball serves as a wake up call for an American culture that indulges in careless living by risking its health through poor nutrition, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, etc. Before we can hope to see bodybuilding return to its roots in physical culture, we will first have to witness a ‘new way of life’ throughout our society. Since the early days of physical culture, modern man has been searching for the elusive “Fountain of Youth”. The promise of …

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Make Your Arms Look Bigger

Make Your Arms Look Bigger Instantly With These Six Tips

These six tips can make your arms look bigger and more muscular instantly. It is possible to quickly make your upper arms look bigger and more muscular without steroids, hard workouts or strict dieting.  Of course, to truly enjoy big, muscular biceps and triceps, regular weight training and disciplined nutrition is required. To build big arms, a person must practice a lifestyle that supports muscle growth through the application of proper nutritional principles, regular, intense resistance training and the intelligent use of target-specific muscle building supplements that yield real results. However, …

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Squatting for Extreme Muscle Growth

Anyone who spends any time in the gym has probably noticed that those who have the best physique in respect to muscular size are the ones who perform exercises such as squats and dead lifts.  While dead lifts rank among the the best exercises for building muscle, squats are definitely in the running for the best muscle building exercise.  What are Squats? Squats are nothing more than good old-fashioned deep knee bends.  By adding resistance to the exercise, body parts such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, glutes, core and back …

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