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Three Tips for Busting Through Your Bodybuilding Training Plateau

  The supplements highly recommended in this article for recovery and shattering your bodybuilding plateau for dramatic, noticeable gains in muscle size and strength are: Creatine Monohydrate – (Essential) Glutamine – (The Secret Weapon) Most muscle enthusiasts who engage in intense, regular workouts sometimes become frustrated when strength and muscle gains slow, injuries occur more frequently and motivation drops off.  I have heard countless bodybuilders and strength athletes blame their genetics or diet for their halted progress. The most common remedy is to lift harder and more often.  This typically results in …

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Who Cares How Big and Muscular Your Arms Are, Anyway? Here’s Who

  The easiest, most effective way to develop your biceps and triceps is by using this simple device. The fact is, people notice when you carry around a set of large, muscular arms.  But who specifically cares how big your arms and why?  Let’s break it down and find out. Girls Whether they admit it or not, females take note of an impressive pair of muscular arms.  Many girls will claim that being attracted to someone who has big arms is shallow or that they think it’s gross.  On the contrary, most females find …

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Factors Contributing to the Development of Muscle Mass

  Those who are seeking to increase their muscularity through strength training and nutritional manipulation alone may be overlooking some of the more critical contributing factors to developing muscle mass. According to Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, PhD, some factors, such as muscle fiber arrangement and musculoskeletal leverage are genetically determined and are, therefore, unable to be modified.  Several other factors, however, can be addressed and modified to a degree which may result in noticeable gains in muscularity. Ratio of Muscle Fiber Types In his book, Hardcore Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach, Dr. Hatfield explains that, while …

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Extreme Shoulder Workout For Size

  Don’t miss this opportunity to get a year’s supply of high quality protein at no cost, a must for recovery after an intense shoulder workout. My current lifting program consists primarily of squats, bench presses, deadlifts and accessory movements for each of these lifts.  Because I am a powerlifter, I generally stay away from high-rep, isolation, bodybuilding style workouts. These types of workouts for muscle mass certainly do have their place in all sports and fitness programs.  However, I haven’t performed a truly intense, hardcore bodybuilding workout in years. I was explaining this …

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Gold’s Gym Myrtle Beach: My Experience

  The fact is, if you want to build more muscle in less time you need to train at a hardcore bodybuilding gym. Click here and receive your own Gold’s Gym membership.  Gold’s Gym Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:  In this post I will give you a glimpse inside of this resort town’s most reliably hardcore bodybuilding gym. I first set foot inside of Gold’s Gym Myrtle Beach in early July 2012.  I was vacationing in town with my family and knew instinctively that if I were going to achieve muscle greatness, I couldn’t …

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What Muscle Makes the Forearm Look Big?

  Want a Gold’s Gym membership at no cost? Enter your email here. How about a Fitbit at no cost? Enter your email address here. Here is a link to the leverage bar, a valuable tool in targeting the muscle that makes the forearm look big and muscular. There is no doubt that a well-developed set of massively muscular forearms instantly evokes admiration and awe from onlookers and anyone who appreciates a well-built physique.  Unfortunately, many lifters waste precious time and energy pursuing big forearms by doing compound exercises that …

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Fitbit Alta – A Compelling Review

In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to track and document your progress and workouts. Get a Fitbit Alta at NO COST by simply entering your email here.  Fitbit catapulted its products into the A-list with the release of the Fitbit Alta. The Alta is not just a fitness tracker. It is also a wristwatch and a bracelet you can wear to the office or a party, or anywhere you like. Besides featuring the standard functions of a fitness tracker, its slim design makes it …

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Drastically Increase Growth Hormone Production With These Tips

Two powerful anabolic supplements to drastically increase growth hormone production for greater muscle mass, enhanced strength and improved body composition are: Pure glutamine – Inexpensive and powerfully anabolic Melatonin – Profoundly effective growth hormone stimulator We all know that anabolic hormones are the key to building a large, muscular physique.  The androgen testosterone is widely believed to be the most powerful hormone for building muscle and shredding fat. The fact is adequate levels of human growth hormone, also called HGH or simply GH, are critical in building lean muscle mass, gaining strength and …

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Save Money on Creatine: Buy In Bulk

The purpose of this important article is to solve your slow muscle building problem by: Explaining how and why you need to use the powerful muscle building supplement creatine How you can save money on creatine by buying in bulk, which you can do here There’s no question that creatine monohydrate is the most effective, affordable supplement for building muscle mass that is on the market today.  The problem is there are so many products on the market that dilute the supplement industry with claims of rapid muscle building but often deliver minimal …

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real fat loss understanding components

Real Fat Loss: Understanding Critical Components for Real Success

Fitness and nutrition experts will tell you that diet and nutrition are responsible for 80% of your real fat loss and muscle-building results.  However, zeroing in on a diet plan that will suit your individual nutritional needs can be complicated. In order to simplify the complex nature of how the body builds muscle tissue and stores fat, it is best to gain an understanding of how the primary nutrients influence metabolism and the body’s energy systems. In order to maximize fat burning and muscle building efforts, several nutritional factors must be …

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