Who Cares How Big and Muscular Your Arms Are, Anyway? Here’s Who

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The easiest, most effective way to develop your biceps and triceps is by using this simple device.

The fact is, people notice when you carry around a set of large, muscular arms.  But who specifically cares how big your arms and why?  Let’s break it down and find out.


Whether they admit it or not, females take note of an impressive pair of muscular arms.  Many girls will claim that being attracted to someone who has big arms is shallow or that they think it’s gross.  On the contrary, most females find large, muscular arms to be very attractive and subconsciously attribute big arms to a person who is a strong, fearless protector.

Have you ever noticed how girls often fall all over themselves when a lean, muscular male with large, muscular arms walks by?  I have heard countless females comment on how sexy a nice set of biceps and triceps is.

The truth is, a female’s first impression of you is largely based on appearance.  This quality is intuitive, not shallow, and should be strongly considered.  Chances are that a male with well-developed upper arms will grab the attention of a female before a small, emaciated person would.

Other Guys

Competition is the name of the game among men.  This is ingrained in us through our culture and biology and there is nothing we can do to change it.  You probably find yourself sizing up other guys and comparing how muscular you are in comparison and who has bigger, more muscular arms.  I guarantee he’s doing the same to you.

There’s nothing more rewarding than being the guy with the biggest arms in the room or the one who people go to for lifting advice.  It all comes down to how big the muscles of the upper arms are or how big they appear.

Gaston bicepsYour Lifting Partner

Most of us who lift weights and who have ever had a workout partner know that you tend to experience the best results by lifting with someone stronger and more experienced than you.  That means that one of you is going to have to be the weaker, less experienced partner.  Don’t be that guy.

You can’t do much about your level of experience; that takes time.  But you can build your biceps, triceps and forearms to a degree that your lifting partner isn’t embarrassed to be seen with you or, more importantly, or to the point where you can be considered an expert of arm development.  Everyone who lifts with you or near you will benefit.

Your Significant Other

One of the most important characteristics in a mate is the ability to provide a feeling of security and protection.  While having big, muscular arms may greatly contribute to attracting a partner initially, the appearance of large, powerful arms will provide that feeling of security and protection.

The world can be a scary place and most of us feel vulnerable from time to time.  It’s your job to provide peace of mind and protection to your loved one.  Having big biceps, triceps and forearms will go a long way in giving comfort to your significant other in times of fear and vulnerability.


You don’t often hear about big, muscular people being picked on, made fun of or beat up.  One of the reasons is the impression that having large, muscular arms gives.  Bullies and mean people tend not to pick on people who they perceive as being bigger or stronger than them.

This principle applies just about everywhere: in the gym, at your workplace, in public, in traffic.  This reaction is instinctive and it is directly related to one of our greatest priorities: self-preservation.

biceps posedownYou

Do you want to know how I know you care about how big and muscular your arms are?  For one thing the two most popular articles on Destination Jacked are Make Your Arms Look Better With These Six Tips and What Are Considered Big Arms.

Secondly, I see how you flex your biceps, triceps and forearms in the mirror at the gym, in public restrooms and just about every reflective surface you encounter.

The fact that you care how big your arms look or how big the muscles of your arms are shows that you know the importance of demonstrating strength, power and confidence to others.  This is a good thing.  Harness this desire to have big arms and continue your pursuit of further developing your biceps, triceps and forearms.

Everyone Else

Let’s be honest, we are hardwired to take notice of and be emotionally impacted by the appearance of (whether it’s an illusion or not) a large, strong, muscular physique.  This is why our  species dominates and how we attract our mates.

Whether you like it or not, you are being judged by your appearance in some manner by just about everyone who lays eyes on you.  This is not earth shattering information.  But wouldn’t you rather be noticed for having a pair of large, muscular arms than for being small, weak and frail-looking?

The fact is, people notice when you have big, well developed arms and they tend to treat you differently than if you have small, fragile arms.  Everyone who sees a pair of muscular biceps, a set of full triceps and a couple of thick forearms instantly recognizes that the bearer is strong and likely possess a large, well developed physique.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you care what people think about your physique, get to work making your arms look bigger and build a set of mind-blowing arms.

Remember, the easiest, most effective way to develop large, muscular biceps and triceps is by using this simple device.

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