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In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to track and document your progress and workouts. Get a Fitbit Alta at NO COST by simply entering your email here

Fitbit catapulted its products into the A-list with the release of the Fitbit Alta. The Alta is not just a fitness tracker. It is also a wristwatch and a bracelet you can wear to the office or a party, or anywhere you like. Besides featuring the standard functions of a fitness tracker, its slim design makes it a perfect complement to corporate or casual wears. Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of the Fitbit Alta.


The Fitbit Alta sports the FitBit SmartTrack tech which provides autodetection of activities such as sleeping. A three-way accelerometer helps to track steps, distance, active time, and the number of calories incinerated. The 128×36 pixel 1.4 inch OLED screen offers stats on your physical activities which is grouped as workouts. To check anything on the screen, simply tap the screen, and it comes up. Also, you can check the time with a turn of your wrist.

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The Fitbit Alta is a unisex fitness tracker that is designed to sit inconspicuously on the wrist of the wearer. It has a 1.4″ OLED screen which provides a clock and stats of your physical activities as well as notifications. The display is held in place by a removable rubber band that you can swap for more high-end and classy straps.

You can interchange the rubber band for stainless or leather straps of different colors. That way, you can pair the Alta with any attire for any occasion. It fits snugly on any wrist, whether male or female, and is protected against sweat, splashes, and rainwater. But you can’t take it into the pool or shower because it is not water-resistant. However, the Alta is easy on the skin, doesn’t cause a rash, and is so light you hardly notice it on your wrist.


The Fitbit Alta can provide five days of battery life on a single charge. This makes it an ideal fitness tracker to carry along when you are traveling. You can squeeze more life out of the battery if you are not a heavy user. The battery has a proprietary magnetic charger that connects to the charging module beneath the panel.

Fitbit App

The Fitbit app is one of the best parts of owning the Alta. With the app, you can sync your Alta with your Android or Apple smartphone to check detailed stats of your activities. The app shows weekly and daily logs of your active time, sleep, distance walked, number of steps, calories burned and so on. You can log in your food and drinks to get the number of calories, and you can set fitness milestones on the app. When you achieve your goals, you receive a badge.

The app is also a community where you can share your progress with others. Just like you do on Facebook, the Fitbit app is an ecosystem where different people can inspire, motivate, and support each other to attain their desired fitness goal. You will also be accountable to many people in the community who are following your progress and drawing inspiration from your achievement. This brings about a feeling of satisfaction and increases your happiness with the knowledge that you are helping others achieve their goals of being fit and healthy. The app is designed to keep you fit, healthy and happy.


The Alta provides notifications for calls, text, and upcoming calendar events using a buzz as an alarm. The vibration can also serve as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Additionally, the Alta gives a reminder to move every hour with a goal of 250 steps. That way, you will never forget to keep moving to burn as many calories as you can.

The Fitbit comes at a price that perfectly justifies what it delivers. Not every product gives you a multipurpose function with appealing visuals, but the Alta satisfies every need. Whether as a tracker to help you keep fit or as an ornament to complement your dressing, the Alta is not found wanting in any area.

It is durable, stylish, and delivers on its promise.

In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to track and document your progress and workouts. Get a Fitbit Alta at NO COST by simply entering your email here

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