Drastically Increase Growth Hormone Production With These Tips

Two powerful anabolic supplements to drastically increase growth hormone production for greater muscle mass, enhanced strength and improved body composition are:

  • Melatonin – Profoundly effective growth hormone stimulator

We all know that anabolic hormones are the key to building a large, muscular physique.  The androgen testosterone is widely believed to be the most powerful hormone for building muscle and shredding fat.

The fact is adequate levels of human growth hormone, also called HGH or simply GH, are critical in building lean muscle mass, gaining strength and improving physical performance.

People who suffer from a growth hormone deficiency can suffer the following symptoms:

  •          Stagnated muscle growth or loss of muscle mass
  •          Difficulty losing fat or gaining fat weight
  •          Loss of muscular strength and stamina
  •          Reduced libido

Human growth hormone injectionWhile a small percentage of the population suffers from clinical human growth hormone deficiency, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are well advised to perform a personal analysis of body composition, athletic performance and feelings of well being to determine if a growth hormone deficiency exists.

The only reliable way to know for certain that you have low levels of growth hormone is through a doctor ordered fasting blood test.

After careful review of the findings and a diagnosis of HGH deficiency, costly medications may be required to restore healthy HGH levels.

The most-cost effective way to naturally increase your growth hormone production without having to resort to unlawful, dangerous black market human growth hormone is to employ simple lifestyle modification techniques.

Below are three surefire ways to naturally increase your growth hormone production and experience immediate improvements in muscle size, strength and body composition.

Exercise Intensely

Exercise intensely for growth hormone productionThis doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lift maximal weights to failure to achieve a productive growth hormone response.  In fact studies have suggested that the best way to increase growth hormone production is through continuous tension resistance training and high intensity interval training.

Performing continuous tension compound movements through a full range of motion will stimulate a lactic acid response within the muscles.  This causes extreme discomfort in the muscle group that is being stressed; but it is an incredibly important step to increase human growth hormone.

Proper Supplementation

If you’re like most other bodybuilders, strength athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the amount of supplement (mis)information that floats around the Internet and within gyms and health clubs can make your head spin.

In reality very few supplements actually live up to the hype of increasing levels of anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

There are, however, two very inexpensive yet highly effective nutritional supplements that have been proven time and time again to have a profound impact on human growth hormone production.

One of these you may not have ever considered and is so common and inexpensive that you may walk past it in the vitamin section of your grocery store.


Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid and the most abundant amino acid in the muscular system.  One of the reasons whey protein is so effective at building muscle mass and enhancing recovery is that it naturally contains glutamine.

Supplementing with pure glutamine will ensure that adequate amounts of the amino acid are present in the blood at all times to volumize muscle cells, enhance exercise recovery, build muscle and create a powerful anabolic response by naturally boosting growth hormone production.


melatonin for human growth hormoneMelatonin is a hormone that is released to induce sleep.  During deep sleep, especially at the onset of deep sleep, a significant amount of growth hormone is released into the blood.    It is quickly converted to the anabolic hormone insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1.

This hormone is responsible for stimulating protein synthesis (muscle building), breaking down body fat and a host of other anabolic functions.

Melatonin has been shown to drastically increase growth hormone production when taken orally.  The growth hormone response is so profound that many high-caliber athletes use it to improve their athletic performance and enhance their recovery.


In fact the United States is one of the only countries in the world that allows melatonin to be sold over the counter without a prescription.


The recommendation to improve the duration and frequency of your sleep goes hand-in-hand with the recommendation to supplement with melatonin.  As discussed above, growth hormone is produced and released into the bloodstream in abundance during sleep.

Increasing your total sleep time to seven to nine hours per night with a thirty minute daytime nap will give your body ample opportunity to release sufficient quantities of HGH for muscle building and fat loss.

If you have problems sleeping due to a restless mind, excessive stimulant intake or stress, melatonin will certainly help you get the sleep you need.  It is quite possibly the most effective anabolic supplement you can take to naturally produce growth hormone.

Don’t Buy Expensive Supplements

A word of caution:  don’t be lured into spending a ton of money on fancy expensive supplements that claim to be the best at increasing testosterone or growth hormone levels.  The best supplements to increase growth hormone are also the least expensive.

Pure glutamine powder – Extremely inexpensive and a powerful human growth hormone stimulator, muscle cell volumizer and muscle builder.

Get pure glutamine here.

Melatonin – Very inexpensive and incredibly effective at promoting a significant growth hormone response and sound sleep.  It is available at just about any grocery store, pharmacy or supplement website.

Get melatonin here.

Adherence to these three strategies will result in an immediate, noticeable improvement in muscle size, strength and body fat levels due to natural growth hormone production.

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