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These concepts are simple. But the fact is, if you want to build more muscle and burn more fat in less time you need to use muscle building and fat loss supplements. Shop here and get free shipping on your $25 supplement order. That’s a steal!

Bodybuilding Supplements Required

Awe-inspiring mass, striated slabs of lean tissue and blood engorged muscles are what we muscle enthusiasts seek as tirelessly and passionately move iron in the weight room multiple times per week. While some of us possess genetics that facilitate our efforts to get cut or pack on lean muscle mass, none of us can achieve the physique we desire without a sound, disciplined approach to nutrition, supplementation and recovery. It is absolutely essential to seek out and use affordable bodybuilding supplements if you want to build explosive muscle mass.

It is a fact that advances in muscle size, strength and general athleticism can be achieved without the use of nutritional supplements. However, the compounds that are absolutely essential to accelerated and rapid development of muscle mass can only be acquired through dietary consumption of high-quality protein sources.

Every bodybuilder’s and strength athlete’s diet should include plenty of dietary protein that is derived from animal products, including beef, poultry and milk. These products provide complete proteins to the body which are critical for the synthesis of muscle tissue.

Ingesting the appropriate quantities of complete animal proteins can be cost-prohibitive and may lead to a calorie surplus which renders our quest for a lean, shredded physique fruitless.

John Cena Muscle Building

To truly enjoy mind-blowing muscle hypertrophy without breaking the bank and putting on unwanted body fat, it is critical for us to ingest a high-quality, complete protein supplement that rates high on the bioavailability scale.


The Key to Muscle Growth

Without question, the most effective nutritional supplement for enhancing and maintaining a full-time anabolic environment that is conducive to accelerated muscle growth is whey protein. Whey protein is a milk derivative that ranks very high on the protein bioavailability scale. The branched-chain amino acids and the conditionally essential amino acid l-glutamine are naturally occurring in whey protein.

Anecdotal and scientific evidence has proven time and time again that the branched-chain amino acids and l-glutamine:

  • Enhance protein synthesis (muscle growth)
  • Improve recovery
  • Stimulate growth hormone production
  • Decrease fatigue during intense workouts

L-glutamine also contributes to the phenomenon of intercellular hydration, which results from water, blood and nutrients engorging muscle cells and producing a full, muscular appearance.

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Better Than Steroids

Warren Willey Natural Bodybuilder
Dr. Warren Willey

As drug-free bodybuilder Dr. Warren Willey explained in his book Better Than Steroids, a high-quality whey protein supplement, such as Gold Standard 100% Whey, that is consumed immediately following a workout can profoundly influence the rate and extent of muscle growth.

In fact, the addition of a high-quality whey protein supplement following intense workouts has been attributed to the noticeable, measurable increases in lean muscle tissue and reduction in body fat in bodybuilders.

For dedicated muscle enthusiasts, intensity in the gym is a given.  We know that once we are committed to a workout, our entire body and soul will drive every set, rep and muscle contraction to bring our bodies a little closer to perfection.

 Whether we are seeking awe-inspiring muscle mass or deep striations that accompany a ripped physique, our spirit is unbreakable once we set foot in the gym.

Post-Workout Nutrition

But for many bodybuilders and strength athletes, that dedication ends at the conclusion of a hard workout.  Unfortunately, many otherwise disciplined athletes exit the gym and neglect one of the most important components to the acquisition of lean muscle mass and reduction of body fat – post-workout nutrition.

As a young bodybuilder I was taught to eat a good nutritious meal within one hour of the conclusion of a workout.  For me that usually meant eating whatever my mom cooked for dinner that evening, and it was rarely within an hour of finishing my workout.  Though my muscle magazines preached the importance of enhanced protein consumption, they never really stressed how critical the post-workout meal is in achieving bodybuilding success.

In his book Better Than SteroidsDr. Warren Willey speaks of the post-workout meal as the most important meal of the day.  Dr. Willey advocates consuming a nutritious meal consisting of high-grade whey protein and a high glycemic carbohydrate immediately following the workout.

His explanation, which has been supported by scientific research and clinical trials, demonstrates the potential for a significant enhancement to the anabolic environment that is present at the conclusion of an intense workout.  The consumption of a high glycemic carbohydrate post workout stimulates a release of the powerful anabolic hormone insulin.

The presence of insulin with the ingestion of a high-grade whey protein product can significantly enhance protein synthesis and fat oxidation, resulting in greater gains in muscle tissue, expedited fat loss and more rapid recovery between intense workouts.

The Anabolic Diet

Dr. Mauro DiPasquale takes a slightly different approach to the post-workout meal in his book The Anabolic Diet (This book is worth its weight in gold).  While stressing the necessity of ingesting a nutritious meal following a workout, his research has indicated that solid food consisting of a balanced ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat is ideal in the enhancement of lean muscle tissue.

Dr. DiPasquale is less reliant on protein powder supplements as his program depends heavily upon animal products for dietary protein.  However, he advocates using a high quality protein powder supplement at times when solid food sources are unavailable or inconvenient.

Both Dr. Warren Willey and Dr. DiPasquale have decades of fitness and nutrition related experience and expertise.  Both are seasoned competitive bodybuilders and practice what they preach.  They should be considered experts in their field as they have produced profound results for themselves, their patients and their clients using sound nutritional principles in the quest for lean muscularity.

Having read literally dozens of texts and having attended hours upon hours of training in nutrition and exercise science, I am of the philosophy that the post-workout meal is indeed, the most important meal of the day for serious strength athletes and bodybuilders.

As Dr. Willey so eloquently articulated in Better Than Steroids, “Muscle mass is influenced to the highest degree by the post workout meal.”

Those readers who have been neglecting post-workout nutrition and have been frustrated with the lack of progress to their physique should consider adding a nutritious post-workout meal to their dietary regimen.  While consuming a high quality meal immediately following an intense workout is critical, the type of food consumed is just as important.

At the very least, food that contains easily digestible protein and sufficient quantities of carbohydrate to stimulate an insulin response is preferred.

The Best Affordable Bodybuilding Supplement

Discussed and strongly endorsed in this video is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.

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My personal post-workout meal consists of two scoops of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey with two teaspoons of honey mixed into water.  I drink this immediately following my last set of exercise and follow up with a solid food meal within an hour.

This strategy has worked well for me as my pumps are full, my muscularity has increased and my recovery time between workouts has been reduced.

For greater insight into the post-workout meal and bodybuilding specific nutritional practices, I suggest you purchase and read Dr. Warren Willey’s Better Than Steroids and include Gold Standard 100% Whey in your post-workout meal.

I’ve always been a supporter of controlling nutritional intake through food planning and preparation.  I learned very early on as a power lifter and bodybuilder how a disciplined approach to nutrition impacts performance and body composition.  Careful meal planning can have a profound positive impact on strength levels, degree of muscularity, energy and recover-ability from intense training.

Don’t Neglect Proper Bodybuilding Supplementation

I have watched as otherwise prudent athletes were met with disappointing results from their training due to their lack of adequate meal planning.  As with most amateur and recreational bodybuilders and strength athletes, participation in their sport is a part-time endeavor as the necessity to earn a living supersedes their abilities to fully pursue athletic greatness.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals neglect their diets as they are putting in thirty plus hours per week at their place of employment and find it hard to get away to eat a good, nutritious meal.

This is precisely the reason it is critical to plan every meal that is to be consumed, especially when away from the home.  Far too often, fast food is the only available option to the working bodybuilder or strength athlete who has failed to adequately plan for their daily nutritional needs.

During my years spent in the fitness industry I heard many excuses as to the inability to eat frequent, nutrient dense meals.  The most common excuse was usually lack of time to prepare or consume meals.

These same individuals would typically spend precious time socializing in the gym, watching sporting events on television or kicking back to relax as time permitted.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the need to decompress and rest between training sessions.

But a little time management can go a long way when it comes to athletic preparation and performance.

Simple Meal Prep for Muscle Building

Anabolic Diet FoodI generally recommend carrying a cooler full of nutritious food everywhere the athlete goes, especially if it is possible that the opportunity for food intake will be limited.

Although thorough meal planning and the practice of accounting for every calorie that is to be consumed is ideal, it is not practical for the average person.  The following are some foods that can be easily stored and carried in a cooler for quick access and consumption:

  • Protein shakes
  • Tuna
  • Nutrition bars
  • Nuts
  • Bananas, apples and oranges
  • Yogurt

I have found that preparing several days worth of food, weighing and measuring each serving and packaging them into individual plastic containers is the best way to ensure meals are not missed.

Each morning I am able place my meals in my cooler with a couple of ice packs and be confident that I will be able to consume an adequate amount of nutrients throughout the day.  Some of my most commonly prepared foods are:

  • 4 oz. of Salmon
  • 4 oz. of Beef or pork
  • 3 oz. of cheese
  • 2 oz. of nuts
  • Whey protein shake
  • Four hard boiled eggs
  • Low carb protein bar

As I explained in the article Squatting for Rapid Lean Weight Gain, a steady supply of nutrients and calories can greatly enhance glycogen levels within the muscle and speed recovery between workouts.  Additionally, regular ingestion of nutrient rich foods provides the following benefits:

  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Enhanced  metabolism
  • Promotion of an anabolic environment
  • Reduced muscle breakdown

While much debate still remains about appropriate nutrient ratios, adequate caloric intake and food timing principles, it is critical to remember that ingestion of some form of quality nutrition every few hours is essential for optimal performance and recovery.

These concepts are simple. But the fact is, if you want to build more muscle and burn more fat in less time you need to use muscle building and fat loss supplements. Shop here and get free shipping on your $25 supplement order. That’s a steal!

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