Seven Reasons Not to Skip Today’s Workout

Kettle bells for workout motivation
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Thinking of skipping today’s workout? Don’t. Barring injury, extreme illness or over-training syndrome, you’ll be better off hitting the gym today than skipping, no matter how unmotivated you may be.  Here are seven reasons not to skip today’s workout that will jump start your workout motivation.

1. You’ll be one workout closer to achieving your ultimate goal

In the grand scheme of things, one workout is generally insignificant in developing your dream physique.  But think about all of the workouts you’ve skipped over the years for one reason or another.

Collectively, over the years, these workouts may have equated to weeks or months off from the gym.  Think about the lost opportunity to burn calories, stimulate muscle growth and increase your endurance and stamina.

If you skip “just this one workout,” remember that you will have to make up that workout somewhere in order to achieve your ultimate goal.  Compounding the missed workouts over years or decades can mean you that you’ll have a lot of making up to do.

2. You’ll create an anabolic environment

Exercise, particularly resistance training, creates an anabolic environment in the body that promotes the development of muscle tissue.  A series of complex hormonal adaptations occur during and after your workout that allow your body to build muscle and burn fat. 

After an intense workout, your body is primed to absorb and utilize nutrients that are consumed in the hours following.

This phenomenon allows you to exploit your anabolic process through ingestion of high glycemic carbohydrates and easily-digested whey protein and harnessing the powerful muscle building properties of the hormone insulin.

The best way to create the optimal muscle-building environment is to get in the gym, crank up the intensity and consume the proper nutrients immediately following your workout.

3. You’ll burn fat today, tonight and tomorrow

Workout motivation for burning fatThere is no doubt that your body burns fat during your workout, no matter what type of exercise you’re performing. Intense exercise, especially weight training, enhances your metabolism and stimulates the fat burning process for twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

If you skip today’s workout, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to burn hundreds of calories over the next day or two.  Remember, the objective in an effective fat loss program is to create a caloric deficit.  The only way to do this is to consume fewer calories and/or burn more calories every day.

4. You’ll stimulate muscle growth

It’s not only the creation of an anabolic environment that helps to stimulate the growth and development of muscle tissue; it’s the act of placing stress on muscle fibers through resistance training.

Whether you wish to build a lean, muscular physique or would rather lose a significant amount of body fat, it’s important to increase your muscle mass.

Regular resistance training is the best way to place enough stress on your muscles in order for them to grow and become efficient at maintaining a healthy metabolism.  If you’re thinking of skipping today’s workout, you’re at risk of experiencing the benefit of increased muscle tissue.

5. You’ll wake up

One of the most common reasons we skip our workout is that we’re too tired, didn’t have enough sleep or feel lazy.  Getting in the gym will stimulate your nervous system and you will wake up, feel energized and reduce the sluggishness that you may be feeling right now.  Simply getting in the gym and experiencing the feeling of accomplishment will enhance your workout motivation.

6. You’ll feel better

Smile for workout motivationExercise causes the release of endorphins, which creates the feelings of well-being and improves mood.  Even a leisurely walk can make a big difference in your state-of-mind and mood.

However, to get the biggest bang for your buck and experience the most beneficial effect, your workout should be short and intense.  Also, the increased blood flow to your brain will cause you to think more clearly and perform better at routine tasks.

7. You’ll be less likely to skip tomorrow’s workout

Many fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and health nuts fall into a rut at times that can be difficult to bounce back from.  Generally speaking, the longer you take off from your workout program, the more difficult it is to get back in the groove.  This is when you need workout motivation the most.

The best way to avoid getting into a rut is to miss as few workouts as possible.  Successfully completing today’s workout will make it less likely that you will skip tomorrow’s workout.  The physical and psychological incentive will be greater for you to work out tomorrow if you hit the gym today.

Regular workouts and the realization of established goals can give you powerful workout motivation to keep you on track and in the gym.

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