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Ever since I started bodybuilding back in 1994 I’ve tried my best to stay away from GNC for supplement shopping.  Back then, all the big guys at my local gym cautioned me about GNC’s high-pressure sales tactics and the staff’s lack of knowledge about the best muscle building supplements. I knew there had to be a better GNC alternative for supplement shopping.

Later, when I worked for a major commercial gym as a middle manager, GNC was one of my main competitors.

Now that I have over twenty years of experience as a bodybuilder and strength athlete, I know where to get the best muscle building supplements at the best prices.  Let me tell you, GNC is nowhere on that list.

I recently stopped into a GNC out of desperation as I was running dangerously low on my favorite whey protein supplement for muscle building.  I knew that I would probably pay a few extra bucks but my situation was dire.

Without an adequate supply of my preferred brand of whey protein, I feared that my workout recovery would be hampered and my muscle growth would suffer.

When I walked into the GNC store I was greeted by a very friendly sales associate who appeared to be very fit.  I was impressed with her physique as most of the GNC staff that I’ve met in the past have either been pencil necks or grossly out of shape.

The sales associate asked me what I was looking for and I told her the exact name of the whey protein product that I was looking for.  She asked me why I was so particular about the brand of whey protein and I told her that I have been using it for years and it is by far the best tasting, most effective whey protein product for muscle building that I’ve ever used.

Sticker Shock! A Better GNC Alternative? 

Shocked at GNC's high prices - Need GNC alternativeThe GNC sales lady walked me to the shelf where my favorite whey protein powder was and I nearly fell on the floor when I looked at the price.  She saw how surprised I was at the cost of the whey protein and suggested that I try a different brand.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt and allowed her to explain to me why the GNC brand of whey protein was superior over the tried-and-true whey protein that I have been using for years.

After a few minutes of her little pitch I informed her that I would rather stick to my favorite brand of whey protein.  She snickered at my statement and informed me that the whey protein product that I have trusted for years to help me pack on muscle mass had too much protein in it.

I nearly fell on the floor for the second time in the five minutes that I had been in that GNC store.

The GNC associate went on to tell me that my body couldn’t process any more than 20 to 25 grams of protein at a time and that if I used a full scoop of my favorite protein powder I would be wasting it.

I Didn’t Get to Be 300 lbs. That Way

Need GNC alternative - Confused at GNC's high pricesAs a 300 lb. drug-free competitive powerlifter who raw bench presses well in the 400s, I wasn’t impressed with her statement.  I wondered how she thought I got to be 300 lbs. with thirty-two inch thighs.  It certainly wasn’t by eating fewer than 25 grams of protein at a time.

I simply shook my head, walked back over to the shelf that held my trusted whey protein powder and carried a five pound tub of it to the checkout counter.  I knew I was paying way too much for a product that I usually pay almost half as much for, but I was desperate.

At the checkout counter the associate tried to strong-arm me into paying for a Gold Card so that I would get a discount on that day’s purchase.  I refused her offer, despite many passionate attempts on her part. I knew my GNC alternative source for supplement shopping wouldn’t do that.

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As if she hadn’t already tried to get into my wallet enough, she started randomly scanning protein bars into the cash register and stating, “You’ll need this and this and this.” I had to get stern with her before she tried to sell me the whole store.

Needless to say, I walked out of there a little bit poorer and a lot more frustrated.  I vowed never to set foot inside another GNC and always keep plenty of my favorite whey protein supplement on hand.

With that, I strongly recommend shopping at this trusted GNC alternative for supplement shopping for better prices, fast shipping and superior product selection.

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