NASM Certified Personal Trainers Make the Most Money in the Fitness Industry

Fact: NASM Fitness Certifications for personal trainers result in significantly higher pay through reputable and accreditation recognized branding that no other certification can offer. 
  • Write your own paycheck – make up to $60 per hour or more
  • Make your own schedule – flexibility to meet your lifestyle
  • Perpetual earning potential – use your NASM certification to build your own business
Earn over $100,000 annually in the fitness industry doing what you love (results only typical of serious, dedicated students).
Find out the vast options of course programs, opportunities and associated products by signing up at the official NASM site here

Personal trainer incomePersonal trainers: Don’t get overwhelmed or overexcited. There are many different NASM certification programs to chose from, all of which can generate significant fitness-related income.

Read this article in full and learn how you, a fitness enthusiast with a passion for exercise and program development can earn a substantial, six figure income through becoming certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, also referred to as NASM.

While not everyone will achieve this status, hard work and perseverance will result in great monetary gain and job satisfaction doing what you love.

When I first started my personal training career in 1997, I was told by a master personal trainer that if I became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), I could “write my own paycheck” through personal fitness training.

After study and research I found that he was right.  As a NASM personal trainer I was able to secure two jobs simultaneously at two major commercial gyms.  As a 19 year old fitness enthusiast I was thrilled to make $40 – $60 per hour doing what I loved – developing personalized fitness programs for others.

Through my exposure to the fitness industry, I noticed that personal trainers with inferior certifications, or no certifications at all, were making in the $20 per hour range. While still respectable, it was abundantly clear that by becoming certified through one of the most reputable personal training certifications in the fitness industry,  NASM allowed me  to command a much higher hourly wage.

Make money as a personal trainerNot only was I able to generate a greater income as a full time personal trainer by being certified by NASM (yes $60  per hour at a 40 hour work week equals about $2400 per month income or well over $100,000 per year), but being certified through the prestigious, National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)  accredited personal training program, I was able to secure an upper management position at a major commercial gym.

Since moving on from full time personal training, I have become a fitness consultant and strength training coach with no formal education besides a high school diploma and a NASM certification.

I’ve recently started a fitness and wellness business with an associate who also has vast expertise in the field of fitness and nutrition. But as a business partner I insisted that  he become NASM certified to bring legitimacy and value to our brand. This business venture as NASM certified personal trainers is projected to  generate income well into the six figures.

I’ve worked for and supervised dozens of personal trainers over the course of my 20 years in the fitness industry. I can say with complete confidence that those who are NASM certified become master trainers, fitness directors and high paying corporate managers simply because of their accredited NASM certifcation.

The course is challenging and designed for only for those who are pursuing a long term, high paying career in personal training. The fact is, recreational fitness enthusiasts can become NASM certified and begin generating significant income simply by applying the education provided by the course.

The name is so reputable and prestigious that it’s worth it’s weight in gold. As few as 15 personal training sessions will pay for the entire course which will last you a lifetime of making a high paying salary as a personal trainer.

In hindsight, I am grateful that I had the conversation with the personal trainer when I was a young man first starting out in the fitness industry. If I had not followed those words, “You can write your own paycheck” I very well may be floundering to make a living in the fitness industry.

It should be noted that my experience as a NASM certified personal trainer and the subsequent fitness career advancement, I have become employed as  fitness, nutrition and wellness consultant for a major urban police department. It is also noteworthy that I have no formal education other than a high school diploma and a NASM certification.

If I can generate a significant income through a career that incorporates my passion of fitness and nutrition, than so can you. If you get certified through NASM, you may very well be able to “write your own paycheck”.

Get started today and earn significant income while experiencing your passion for fitness and program development.  Like an ordinary fitness enthusiast like me, you can easily earn over $100,00 per year doing what you love.

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  1. You’re right, NASM Personal Trainers make huge money. Because now bodybuilding has become a popular sport and everyone wants to look more attractive. This is a reason why NASM Certified Personal Trainers make huge money. There is a need for a personal trainers as well because without professional and experienced trainers we can’t achieve our goals.

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