How to Make Your Biceps Look Bigger: Arm Blaster Review

The Arm Blaster is so excruciatingly effective at building full, large biceps that Arnold Schwarzenegger used the device to make his entire upper arms look bigger.

“What you focus on grows” is a popular inspirational quote that is repeated in business seminars, sales meetings and self-help groups.  This statement can be applied to bodybuilding, specifically building big biceps.

Making the biceps look bigger is not just a matter of creating an optical illusion by getting a tan, shaving your arms or getting a tight haircut; it’s about actually making them bigger.  Logic would dictate that all you have to do is few sets of curls here and there and your bicep will become bigger and stronger.

In reality it takes a little more planning than haphazardly doing the so-called best exercises for biceps mass and size.  You have to identify what part of the upper arm you really need to look full and well developed in order to make your biceps look bigger.

The biceps are made of two separate muscles that connect at the elbow on the underside of the arm.  In order to make your entire upper arm jacked, you must perform big, compound pushing and pulling movements and isolation exercises for each of the muscles that makes up the entire biceps and triceps complex.

Small Biceps Syndrome

Arms that don't make the biceps look biggerHowever, in order to create an illusion that your biceps are bigger than they actually are, you must take the right approach to building them.

If you have already built a decent set of arms and wear short sleeved shirts a lot, you may not be satisfied with how your arms look.

Sure they may be big based on their measurement, but the biceps just look flat and small at the bottom near the elbow.

Never fear! There is a simple remedy to the problem of small lower biceps.  You simply need to focus on performing biceps isolation exercises through a full range of motion, paying special attention to the first half of the movement.

Far too often we chase big, muscular biceps by doing heavy curls through a short range of motion or cheating at the bottom of the movement.

Heavy curls certainly have their place in an overall workout program to build big biceps but you will be limited on the amount of stimulus you can put on the biceps near their insertion point at the bottom.

To fully develop the lower portion of the biceps and build the size, strength and integrity of the connective tissue, controlled, continuous tension exercises that focus on the first portion of the curl must be performed.

Two of the most effective exercises for rapidly developing the lower portion of the biceps to make the biceps look bigger are preacher curls and Arm Blaster curls.

Preacher Curls to Make Your Biceps Look Bigger

Performing preacher curls to make the biceps look biggerPreacher curls are performed on a preacher bench or other flat padded surface that the backs of the upper arms rest against while performing curls.  Preacher curls can be done using a barbell, EZ curl bar or dumbbells.

Preacher curls are properly executed by beginning each repetition from a position where the arms are fully extended and a stretch can be felt in the biceps muscles.

The weight is then curled up to where the biceps muscles are fully contracted then lowered to the starting position.

Each repetition should be performed beginning with fully extended arms to a position where the biceps are fully contracted.

For the best results in developing the lower biceps area, the weight should be controlled through the entire range of motion with extra emphasis on the negative portion of the movement.  The backs of the arms should remain in contact with the bench at all times and the weight should never be swung or cheated up.

The problem with preacher curls is that it is easy to cheat when the set becomes challenging and when the lactic acid burn sets in it takes an incredible amount of determination to fully extend the arms, the most important part of the exercise.

Also, many gyms do not have free weight preacher curl benches and members are required to improvise by using other devices that my not yield the most desired results.

Free weight preacher benches that are found in gyms are sometimes unavailable or are used too often by others.  This can prevent you from reaping all of the benefits of preacher curls as it’s best to perform several sets in rapid succession.

For the best results, three to four sets of 10 to 15 repetitions should be completed through a full range of motion with a moderate weight and no longer than 60 seconds between sets.

Because the biceps are a relatively small muscle group, preacher curls can be performed several times per week.  For best results they should be done every other day.

Arm Blaster Curls Actually Make Your Biceps Bigger and Fuller
Arnold Schwarzenegger performing arm blaster curls to make the biceps look bigger
Build full, thick biceps with Arm Blaster curls

The Arm Blaster is designed to help you keep your arms tight against your body while doing standing curls.  

The barbell curl is perhaps the best exercise for building overall thickness, density and biceps muscle size.  

The Arm Blaster allows you to take advantage of the powerful muscle building aspects of the barbell curl while keeping your arms in a position that will cause explosive muscle growth at the bottom of the biceps where they are most visible. 

Arm Blaster curls are performed by using a unique device that helped Arnold Schwarzenegger build his world famous, mind-blowing biceps.

The Arm Blaster is a small, inexpensive, lightweight device that helps you perform preacher-like curls and build full, well developed biceps quickly.

Arm Blaster curls will help develop that thick, full look of the biceps just above the forearm.  When you wear a short sleeved shirt there will be no question that you possess a huge set of jacked biceps.

If you have small, slender lower biceps it doesn’t matter what their measurements are or how big they look under your shirt.  You need to have big, thick, full lower biceps to give the appearance of huge arms.

My opinion is that Arm Blaster curls are far superior to any other exercise, even preacher curls, for making the biceps look bigger and developing large, muscular arms.

The Arm Blaster is incredibly inexpensive, lightweight and small enough to fit in any gym bag.  Arm Blaster curls can be performed at home, in a commercial gym, at work or anywhere you can perform a curling movement.

Arm Blaster curls are so effective at creating the much sought after appearance of big, muscular biceps that they should not be left out of any arm building workout program.

To do so would limit the awesome growth potential that Arm Blaster curls provide and reduce the opportunity to make the biceps look bigger and more muscular quickly.

Get your Arm Blaster at Amazon here and experience explosive, mind-blowing biceps growth.

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