Are You Guilty of Any of These Five Gym Etiquette Violations?

We would all like to be able to work out at our favorite gym without having to endure the inconsideration and lack of adherence to established gym etiquette by some selfish gym member. Unfortunately, most of us experience violations of gym etiquette to some degree just about every time we hit the gym.  The question is, have you ever been guilty of violating any one of these most commonly accepted rules of gym etiquette?

Not Allowing Someone to Work In

It is common courtesy to let someone work in on a machine, bench or weight station between your sets.  The concept of working in simply means that you allow others to perform a set of exercise at the same spot as you while you are taking a rest between your sets.

This does not mean that you have to advertise the fact that you are resting and anybody can just step right in, but if someone politely asks to work in, let them.  On the same token, don’t be afraid to ask to work in if a machine or weight station you want to use is occupied.

Hogging the Equipment

Hogging gym equipment is different than not allowing someone to work in.  It means camping out on a weight bench, machine or weight station without acknowledging or even considering the presence of others.  This violation is especially frustrating when the violators gym bag, towel, water bottle and other implements take up a lot of space and cause people to step over and around their property.

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Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

Nothing is more disgusting and unsanitary than using a piece of gym equipment with sweat all over it.  Most gyms have paper towels or sanitary wipes to be wiped down equipment after use.  Equipment should be wiped clean of sweat every time you are done with it.  If the gym does not provide paper towels or wipes, bring your own or place a towel on the equipment while you’re using it to prevent sweating all over it.

This rule also applies when using gym chalk.  As I explained in the article Gold’s Gym Myrtle Beach: My Experience, some gym owners despise the use of chalk in their gyms.  Respect the rules of the management and staff and don’t throw chalk all over the place just for the sake of being cool.

Being Bothersome

I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when people make conversation or are generally obnoxious in the gym.  I go to the gym to lift, not chit chat.  Even if I’m with my lifting partner, the conversation topic is limited to the task at hand.  Don’t bother someone with questions, or even compliments.  It’s distracting and likely annoys whoever is being spoken to.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t try to find a date at the gym.

Not Racking Your Weights

Nobody wants to unload your barbells or put away the dumbbells you left on the floor.  Not only is it simply discourteous to leave your weights on the bars and dumbbells on the floor, it’s dangerous.  I have seen more than a few people trip on weights, drop heavy dumbbells and flip barbells off of a rack taking plates off of the bar.  Don’t be the person who is responsible for someone injuring themselves adding extra work to their workout picking up your discarded weights.

If you find that you are a frequent violator of any of the above rules of gym etiquette, please conduct a personal analysis of your consideration for others and your level of selfishness.  If you’re like the rest of us who get frustrated with people who violate established gym etiquette, take comfort in the fact that you are not suffering alone.   I do not advocate taking aggressive action toward such individuals, but I do encourage you to initiate dialogue with them and/or notify gym management.  After all, adherence to gym etiquette by all results in a productive, positive gym experience for everyone.

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