Lose Weight Fast With The Ten Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

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Many people wonder if it is truly possible to lose weight fast and maintain the newer, lower body weight.  By incorporating tried and true weight loss tips that really work, it is possible to lose a significant amount of body weight in a short period of time.

Below is a discussion of ten effective strategies to lose weight fast.

Reduce Water Retention to Lose Weight Fast

A diet that is high in sodium and carbohydrates often results in a bloated appearance that is a direct result of subcutaneous water accumulation, or water retention.   There are three easily implemented strategies that can be initiated to rapidly reduce water retention, thus resulting in a lower body weight.

Sodium Depletion to Lose Weight Fast

Sodium consumption is often the number one culprit when it comes to water retention.  Sodium is most commonly found in table salt, canned foods and snacks such as potato chips.  By reducing or eliminating sodium from the diet, a rapid, noticeable reduction in body weight can be achieved.  An added benefit of sodium depletion may be a reduction in blood pressure.

Increase Water Consumption to Lose Weight Fast

Although it is counter-intuitive for some, water is a natural diuretic, which means that its presence in the body encourages the elimination of fluids.  By increasing water consumption, fluids are more efficiently eliminated from the body and water retention in decreased.

 Diuretics for Rapid Weight Loss

Diuretics, or water pills, are often prescribed by doctors to drastically reduce the amount of fluid that is retained within the body.   While prescription diuretics are best reserved for those with diagnosed medical conditions, over-the-counter, natural diuretics are available and are effective at reducing fluid retention.  Ingredients such as dandelion root stimulate that body’s water elimination process which results in a noticeable reduction of body weight in a short period of time.

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Enhance the Metabolism to Burn Fat Fast

By naturally stimulating the metabolism, stored body fat can be eliminated and energy can be increased. By using three proven strategies to increase the metabolism, a reduction of body fat and overall loss of body weight can be achieved.

Exercise Intensely for Rapid Weight Loss 

It has long been accepted that exercise is one of the primary ways to improve health and lose weight.  For those who desire to lose weight fast, the best course of action is to exercise intensely on a regular basis.  By elevating the heart rate for thirty to sixty minutes several times per week, the body taps into stored body fat for energy.  Additionally, the metabolism is elevated for several hours after exercise, which means a person can literally lose weight in his or her sleep.

Carbohydrate Depletion to Lose Weight Fast

Ingesting carbohydrates has numerous effects on the body’s energy mechanisms that can have a profound influence on body weight.  When excessive amounts of carbohydrates are consumed, the process of insulin production is initiated, which results in a reduction of blood sugar and an accumulation of stored body fat.  By reducing the amount of carbohydrates that are consumed on a daily basis, the number of “insulin spikes” can be minimized and body fat reduction can occur.  Additionally, the presence of carbohydrates encourages water retention, which can lead to a puffy, bloated appearance.

Thermogenics for Quick Weight Loss

Thermogenics, also known as “fat burners”, work by elevating body temperature and heart rate, which may result in an enhanced metabolism.  An additional benefit may be suppression of the appetite, which can lead to fewer calories being consumed and a reduction in body weight.  Caution must be exercised, however, as many thermogenics on the market contain high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants.  Many products are available that contain natural ingredients that can safely elevate the metabolism with minimal side effects.

Reduce Waste to Lower Body Weight Fast

Many people do not consider waste accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract as a source of extra body weight or a bloated appearance.  By implementing four strategies to eliminate accumulated GI waste, several pounds of body weight can be lost literally overnight.

 GI Cleanse for Fast Weight Loss

There are many safe, natural GI cleanse products on the market that can facilitate the elimination of waste that has accumulated in the bowels and intestines.  These products are typically sold as a beverage that is consumed over the course of several days.  Generally, the result is an increase in the frequency and quantity of bowel movements and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

Fasting to Lose Weight Quick

Fasting is a safe and effective strategy to lose weight in a hurry.  The technique has been used for centuries to cleanse the mind and body and rid the body of toxins and waste.  Those who intend on fasting for weight loss purposes would be well advised to consult a physician as deprivation of food for long periods of time can negatively impact a person’s health.  However, carefully reducing solid food intake for several days can result in a measurable loss of body weight in a short period of time.

Eat Raw Food for Rapid Fat Loss

Many nutrition and health experts tout the health benefits associated with eating raw foods, especially vegetables.  Raw foods are not prepared with condiments or dressings; therefore they do not contain sodium or added carbohydrates.  Also, raw foods from plant sources are very nutrient dense and are low in calories.  This can result in a rapid, noticeable loss of body weight.

Consume Liquids Only to Lose Weight Fast

A strategy that is used by many to reduce body weight and eliminate waste and toxins from the body is consuming only clear liquids for a period of several days.   The increase in fluid intake without added sodium has the same effect of increasing water intake; a rapid elimination of water retention.  Also, total caloric intake is greatly reduced and solid waste elimination may occur, which can lead to measureable, rapid weight loss.

The above strategies can be used in conjunction with one another to produce a synergistic effect that can expedite weight loss.  They can also be used individually whenever the need to rapidly reduce body weight arises.  Regardless of the combination or frequency of use, a noticeable loss in body weight can be expected when implementing the above ten strategies.

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